Boy Chained To Radiator For Two Weeks, Says Police

Boy Chained To Radiator For Two Weeks, Says Police

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A mother and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged after police say that the mother's 10-year-old son was chained to a radiator pipe in their home.

Police say that the child was chained for the past two weeks as punishment and had to sleep on the floor uncovered during the night. According to the kid, his hands were also occasionally restrained by plastic zip ties.

Police found this scene on Monday afternoon on the 2700 block of Cramer Street after Florence Pollard, the mother, called in to report that the 10-year-old had run away.

Surveillance video from an East Camden grocery store shows the 10-year-old boy working his way across Westfield street apparently looking for help. Police say he had just freed himself. See in the video, police say a neighbor caught up with the boy and called 911. Camden county officers arrive a short time later.

"This level of depravity inflicted upon a child is chilling," said Chief J. Scott Thomson. "We're just thankful that the child had an opportunity to escape and report what has been going on so we could arrest this couple and put a stop to their cruelty."

Pollard, 31, and her boyfriend Brian L. Craig, 29, have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and criminal restraint.

The New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency have also taken the boy's five siblings into its custody.

"To treat a child this way is inhuman," said Sgt. Janell Simpson, supervisor of the Camden County Police Department Special Victims Unit. "He could have been seriously injured or died had this continued, so to get this child and his brothers and sisters out of that environment was critical. We will continue the investigation to determine if there have been other abuses."

Neighbors can't believe it.

"That seems surprising, they seem like nice people. We see each other, always wave at each other," says one neighbor.

"No family members should be doing that to no kid at all. They don't deserve it. If a kid did something wrong that's not a way to punish him at all," says another. "The mother should be punished for this.

Neighbor Milagros Ramos says she's angry and shocked.

"How you got the (nerves) to do this to a kid? I don't know what else to tell you it's breaking my heart," she says. "That's awful because I got my kids, my nephews, my nieces. This is unbelievable...even an animal you don't treat it like that."

One of her nephews says that he heard alarming sounds coming from the house.

"I always used to hear the kids crying and screaming," he tells FOX 29

Police tell FOX 29 that it appears the boy "wasn't fed for quite some time." Authorities are continuing to investigate the developing case.

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