Greening of Detroit begins tree planting season

Greening of Detroit begins tree planting season

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The Greening of Detroit is kicked off its tree planting season Saturday with plans to put almost 2500 trees in the ground by mid-June. Volunteers included 200 team members from Quicken Loans.

The first trees will take root around Trinity Street and West Chicago in Detroit. Tree plantings will continue in Detroit neighborhoods every Saturday through June 8 (excluding March 30 and May 25).

Volunteers are still needed: Sign up HERE or call The Greening of Detroit at: (313)237-8733

"The Greening of Detroit inspires sustainable growth of a healthy urban community through trees, green spaces, food, education, training and job opportunities."

The Benefits of Trees from The Greening of Detroit:

A healthy urban center requires a tree canopy of about 40 percent. The city of Detroit has endured a catastrophic loss of trees in the past 50 years; Dutch elm disease wiped out 500,000 mature elm trees in the 1960's and the emerald ash borer beetle appeared in metro Detroit, killing tens of millions of ash trees. Detroit's tree canopy is now less than 22.5 percent.

Trees play an enormous role in protecting the environment and providing other economic and social benefits.

·    A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.

·    Trees absorb a fifth of carbon emissions pumped out by humans.  A recent study suggests that trees are currently sucking up a significant amount of global pollution from factories and cars.

·    Homeowners that properly place trees in their landscape can realize substantial savings in both heating and cooling costs.

·    Research indicates that large street trees reduce crime and stabilize neighborhoods, possibly because they give the  perception of a well-cared for community.

·    Trees clean soil by either storing harmful pollutants or actually changing the pollutant into less harmful forms. Trees filter sewage and farm chemicals, reduce the effects of animal wastes, clean roadside spills and clean water runoff into streams.

·    Trees muffle urban noise almost as effectively as stone walls.

·    Trees help cleanse the air by intercepting airborne particles, reducing heat, and absorbing such pollutants as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.

·    During windy and cold seasons, trees located on the windward side act as windbreaks. A windbreak can lower home heating bills up to 30 percent and have a significant effect on reducing snow drifts.              

·    Trees fight soil erosion, conserve rainwater and reduce water runoff and sediment deposit after storms.                                                   

·    Real estate values increase when trees beautify a property or neighborhood. Trees can increase the property value of a home by 15 percent or more.

 (Some facts provided by Forestry)

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