Double standard? 'Mr. Milford pageant' video raises questions

Double standard? 'Mr. Milford pageant' video raises questions

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You've probably heard about the local teens suspended for doing their own "Harlem Shake" at school, but we found another video that some say proves the school has a double standard.

We talked with students, parents and people who have seen the videos.  They told us in a lot of ways they are the same, and they believe kids getting in trouble for one and not the other sends a mixed message.

A YouTube video shows some young men from Milford High School Harlem shaking it up something serious.  Talk about a spectacle of epic proportions.  The 34-second clip shows shirtless male students and a live duck dancing to the song by Brooklyn producer Baauer. The song features few lyrics and has a heavy dance-flavored beat.

"I thought it was pretty funny," said Kevin Bufe.

He may LOL, but not everybody is laughing.

"They brought a duck into school.  Get in trouble for that I could see, but not five days suspension," said Sean Alfano.

Some people are calling the punishments for this presentation hypocritical.  A video shows that during the Mr. Milford pageant at the high school, four shirtless males danced on stage.

"Teachers and stuff thought it was funny then, so why is it not funny in the video?" Alfano said.

"They were both identical," said Bufe.  "[They were] both school related, and so I just don't agree with them getting in trouble for it."

"They shouldn't have let them do it in the Mr. Milford pageant if it's a big deal," Alfano added.

The school issued the following statement about the "Harlem Shake" situation:

"The videos violated several areas of our Student Code of Conduct, including provisions regarding vulgarity, indecency, misrepresentation and the use of racial slurs.  Students involved lied to the teacher to gain access to the classroom.  Our students must be held accountable for their actions."

"I think people are being too sensitive over it," Bufe said.

"I can see where they're coming from because just because they snuck in there and all, but in the long run it's not even a big deal," said Alfano.

We did reach out to school administrators again to see what they had to say about the Mr. Milford video and, in all fairness, it was after business hours, so our calls have not yet been returned.

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